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Curiosity - The Key to Killer SaaS Content

Updated: Mar 28

Any SaaS content marketer across the globe can bear witness to the insane amount of hard work required to generate high-quality content. It’s not an easy task and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

A lot of detail needs to go into writing a single article that resolves the end user’s query with accuracy, while checking all the relevant search optimization demands.

There’s also the need to tell a story in simple language, with necessary jargon sprinkled in the right places, so your ideal customers can enjoy the experience and possibly subscribe to your product.

The result of this excruciating process is a mind blowing content piece that constantly converts and brings in the much needed MRR.

But here’s the problem.

Many content marketers experience burnout when delivering these splendid works of art and it’s one of the primary reasons for extended delivery timelines.

Despite these trying circumstances and a depleting mortal energy, how can one remain motivated during this content creation process?

The answer lies in Curiosity!

Curiosity Keeps You Going When Everything Else Fails

Do you remember the last time you were really curious about something and it led you to an enlightened ah ha moment?

I’m pretty sure you didn’t reach that conclusion in a matter of minutes. You probably had to go down a deep rabbit hole to come out with a brand new discovery.

But that trek to the deep was not an easy thing to do. Yet you kept digging deeper and deeper because you couldn’t tether your undying desire to reach the bottom of that pit and find the answer.

That’s the power of curiosity.

When you’re curious enough, there’s a level of passion that generates within you that keeps you going even if hell freezes over.

In fact, that’s the secret sauce behind the most successful content marketers, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs.

When it comes to writing SaaS content those who’ve such curiosity end up creating contents that are truly noteworthy and of course, revenue friendly.

More importantly, contents written with genuine curiosity are unique, provide different perspectives, assist the end user, and automatically reach the word count set by your SEO team.

Here are a few examples of curious content pieces we’ve written:

Now that we know curiosity plays an important factor in the content creation process, can we just conclude that it’s the only thing required?

Not really!

Curiosity is The Critical Initiator To The Next Steps in SaaS Content Creation

Curiosity is the first important step, but there’s more to the process of writing killer content.

Curiosity leads to Research

The first thing you do when you’re curious, as mentioned above, is go down that rabbit hole and initiate an end-to-end research of all things related to that niche.

Quite recently, we’ve started a new engagement with this fantastic accounting SaaS firm who provides accounting automation apps to Quickbooks users.

While we understood the SEO aspects of the site and the current trends of their existing content using Ahrefs, we had no clue about accounting. Especially accounting standards in the US. Terms such as Bank Reconciliation sounded like Greek and Latin to us.

But that’s how every project starts.

So to get up to speed, we literally completed 3 different courses from Coursera and Udemy on accounting, followed by practical insights from subject matter experts.

We also skimmed through multiple resources on YouTube to understand how Quickbooks works. We then installed Quickbooks and the client’s app to test the products.

These activities helped us gain solid understanding of how accounting works and what exactly are the pain points (from a practical perspective) that the app is solving.

Research Results in Knowledge

Knowledge is the outcome of all the research you do.

Most SaaS companies create a knowledge base or documentation for their products, but what if content marketers did the same with all the knowledge they gain?

That’s exactly what we did when working with a Shopify reporting app provider.

Our client provides over 150+ reports which are not readily available for online merchants on Shopify, and even if the merchants chose to use a custom reporting feature in Shopify, it’s not very user friendly and quite expensive.

For us, that meant we had to learn how these different reports work, so we can craft useful content for the end users.

To help us with the process, we created a quick knowledge base of all the different reports using existing documentation and the different scenarios in which the reports were used.

Doing so helped us in writing an extensive article (12K words long) about various Shopify reports, which naturally ranked high in Google without any backlinks.

Knowledge With Expert Help Leads to Subject Matter Expertise

Content marketers often torment themselves with this question.

“How can I become a subject matter expert?”

Well, it takes some time.

But with the help of a subject matter expert, the process can be faster.

The research and knowledge we gain from our curiosity is fantastic, but it’s all in bits and pieces. It’s like you have all the cogs to build a machine but you don’t have the connectors to complete the machine. So all the effort put in gathering those cogs is in vain since you don’t know how to connect them.

That’s where your subject matter experts come into picture.

When you present all the information you found to a subject matter expert, and ask the right questions, they can help you connect the dots that were missing.

We followed this process when working with an edtech client who used blockchain technology to provide tamper-proof credentials to educational institutions.

The client used a private blockchain network by Linux called Hyperledger Indy. Though we had done reading two large books and a couple of courses to understand blockchain basics and working methodology, we did not specifically cover Hyperledger Indy.

So we presented all the information we learned to the subject matter expert who helped us differentiate the working mechanisms of a private blockchain network and a public blockchain network (such as Ethereum) at a technical level.

This knowledge transfer and assistance resulted in us having complete confidence in talking about the product and how it solves a critical technical problem faced by universities and colleges when it comes to digital credentials.

Subject Matter Expertise Results in Killer Content

All the knowledge and subject matter expertise we gained from our curious research will now help us in creating stellar content that end users will certainly consume.

The resultant content leads to lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and most certainly, conversions - which is the primary goal of this entire escapade.

And that’s how you can create killer content.

Hire Curious SaaS Content Marketers to Improve Your MRR

Content that converts needs time to construct.

If you hire lazy content marketers who’re just going to copy the top 10 results from the SERPs and rewrite them, then it’s not going to waste your time and money. The contents they create may help you rank better, with the help of some backlinks, but they’ll never convert.

That’s why you need to hire content marketers who have a genuine interest in growing with your product and truly know what the hell they’re writing about.

Or else, your content marketing strategy will never reap results.

So start hiring curious content marketers for your SaaS product to make a difference.


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