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Choose Either Contracts,
Or No Commitments.

We give SaaS founders and their teams absolute convenience.

Choose to work with us the way you want, while we focus on your growth. 

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Our Pricing is Based on

The Three Stages of Organic Growth.


Long-term ICP-led Strategy & Brand Voice Recognition

​​In the SEED stage, our aim is lay the foundation for your organic growth. 

Research Web, Interview Your SMEs & Understand the Industry & ICP Better.

  • Independent industry deep dive 

  • Competitive analysis 

  • Product demo & hands-on​


​Research ICP Behavioral Traits, Pain Points, and Choices.

  • Gauge internal ICP queries

  • Research social channels

  • ICP pain point analysis 

  • Formulate ICP persons

Thorough Research of Keywords & Topics.

  • Keyword research

  • Topic based research 

  • Competitor keyword research

Brand Voice & Long-term Content Strategy Formulation.

  • Figure out an authentic brand voice 

  • Mapping keywords with ICP pain points

  • Create the final strategy and content calendar​


SEO & Authentic Product-led Content Creation

In the GROW stage, we focus on building Authentic Product-led Content and optimizing each article for search engines so you can experience growth.

​Research & Formulate Robust Content Strategy for the Planned Topic/Keyword

  • Start with independent research of subject matter

  • Internal discussions with your team to understand real-time queries

  • Establish Product-Topic relationship 

  • Research related secondary keywords and search queries 

  • Competitive analysis

  • Formulate content strategy & brief 

Write Authentic Product-led Content to Converse with Your ICP.

  • Create authentic content by adhering to the strategy

  • Create product gifs and images

  • Highlight brand value

  • Internal linking 

  • Achieve optimum flow of the article

​Dual-level Editing - for ICPs and Search Engines.

  • Human-level edits

  • Search-level edits

  • Search optimization scores 

  • Almost-perfect first drafts

Track Monthly Progress.

  • Monthly performance reports on live articles


Total Articles

  • 5x Authentic Product-led Articles (2k - 3k words per article) 


Building Links Through Guest Posts For Higher & Consistent Search Ranking

In the BLOOM stage, we start building links to the authentic contents we've written, so they can continue giving results. 

Everything in GROW  +

Reach Outs to the Right Websites for Guest Post Opportunities​.

  • Search for the right sites based on domain authority, traffic, and other metrics

  • Do cold or warm reach outs. 

  • Check with existing partners for possible collaborations

Guest Post Production & Weekly/Monthly reports.

  • In-house production 

  • Guest post approvals 

  • Weekly link building reports 

  • Monthly progress reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which plan suits for my business?

The choice of plan depends on your specific marketing objectives, budget, and the level of content and SEO support required.

Our team can guide you through a consultation to determine the most suitable plan for your goals.

What's included in the "Authentic Product-led Content"?  

The authentic product-led article includes comprehensive services such as:

No use of AI for writing, topic research, SEO keyword analysis, content briefing, authentic human writing, product attribution, editing, proofreading, internal linking, and search optimization scores to produce high-quality and impactful content.

Can I request customizations or additional services not listed in the plans?

Yes, Writing Simon's team is open to discussing customizations or additional services based on your specific requirements.

We strive to meet the unique needs of each client.

How often are performance reports shared?

Performance reports are provided on a monthly basis for all plans.

These reports offer insights into the effectiveness of the content strategy and SEO efforts, helping our clients track progress and make informed decisions.

Are there any limitations on the topics or industries covered in the content strategy? 

Our team is experienced in catering to SaaS companies across multiple industries.

Some of the industries we have worked with are accounting, ecommerce, technology, analytics, knowledge management, productivity; to name a few.

But we can adapt to any niche, industry or topic. We work closely with clients to ensure that the content strategy aligns with their target audience and business objectives.

Can I stop using your services at any time, and is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, you can stop using our services at any time with no cancellation fee.

Writing Simon believes in providing clients the freedom to pivot their marketing strategy as needed. Simply notify our team, and we'll assist you accordingly.

What makes Writing Simon's pricing structure unique?

Our pricing structure stands out due to its simplicity and flexibility.

There are no contracts or hidden clauses, which allows you to avail our services with complete freedom and choice. You can work with us in whichever way suits your business needs and commitments.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time? 

Yes, our pricing model is designed to be flexible.

Clients can easily upgrade or downgrade their monthly plan according to their evolving needs or budgetary considerations.

How are the payments charged? 

All payments are charged upfront.

We don’t do contracts and therefore we first take the payment and then start the project. We ensure payments are made in full before initiating any project and this cycle repeats each month. 


We take payments through regular wire transfer.

Are there any additional costs beyond the monthly fee? 

No, there are no hidden costs or surprise charges.

All essential services and deliverables are included in the monthly fee for each plan.

What is the process for getting started with Simon's services?

Getting started with Writing Simon is simple.

You can sign up for your preferred plan on our website and speak to our team to discuss further. Once we have synergized with goals and expectations, you can make the payment and we’ll schedule a meeting to onboard you.

We Can Help With 
Custom Requirements Too.

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