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How We Approach Authentic Content Marketing?

A Well-Balanced Strategic Approach is Necessary to Get the Best Results Out of Content Marketing.

Quality content combined with story telling is critical to achieve success in content marketing; however, it is also important to produce consistently. That’s where strategy comes into picture. ​A content marketing strategy that focuses on high-quality content along with optimum quantity will certainly win.

The Four Important Traits of Authentic Content.

The ability to attract target customers and engage them with your product or service. It will not be a run-of-the mill.

​100% compliance with tech aspects such as on-page SEO, length of the content, metadata, and core web vitals.​

​Any piece of written or visual content which does not have these aspects will not sell.

A perfect mixture of design and research-rich details to make it educational & entertaining.

​Necessary gaps to update and expand on a later date. It is best way to build topic clusters.

Addressing The Funnel is Critical

Awareness Stage Content

Creating sufficient awareness around your product or service is the most important requirement. The most important venues where you have to create awareness are on search engine pages through educational blogs & web content and on social media through interactive & engaging content.

Consideration Stage Content

If your awareness strategy is successful then the prospect lands on your site to consider your offering. Now it’s your necessity to help them consider by offer relevant educational content. It could be a checklist or an eBook or a whitepaper to help them get to the next stage. It all depends on your buyer persona.

Decision Stage Content

At this stage, the prospect has finally realized the value of your product or service and he is willing to make a decision. This is when you close the deal. And it can be done perfectly by offering a product profile or service profile explaining how the entire system works. It could be a video or it could be well written document that you can share, showing how it works. If you perfectly nail this content piece then you have acquired a new customer.


Simon and his team helped us design certain business-specific communications. We found them to be creative, responsive and resourceful. In addition, their services were priced reasonably. I would recommend them to any small businesses that are on the lookout for content creators and digital strategists.

Daniel Hedlund,

Manager, Era of We.

We Cover All Stages of The Funnel with Carefully Constructed Content Packages.

Here are our packages.

Basic Awareness

In our basic awareness, we provide the most critical element of content marketing which is topic clusters & blogs based on an in-depth content strategy.

Our process always starts by formulating a strategy that will improve your brand and search engine rankings. It involves creating authority-winning pillar content and the associated cluster content to form the base to your SEO rankings. We then execute it with beautiful storytelling to build the trust.

Consideration Pack

In the consideration pack, we retain all the awareness stage content but add crucial elements to your site which persuades  your prospects to become part of your brand. 

This includes creating a mind-blowing motion graphics or animation video which explains your entire product or service within 2 minutes. We then add a thought-provoking eBook or whitepaper, rich with data and insights accompanied with a perfect design, to convert your prospects into customers. 

Complete Awareness

In the complete awareness pack, we retain all the basic elements but we improve the story telling with engaging infographics for every piece of content and expanding the awareness into social media as well. 

This includes creating carousels, graphics, short videos, and any other designs that will enrich the user experience and build your brand as a leader in your industry. This creates the base for your brand and generates traffic from all channels. 

End-to-End Storytelling

This is a ideal storytelling pack where we start from the scratch and answer every branding need & every stage of the funnel. Basically, we take a bottoms up approach where we start by looking at your market placement, messaging, competition and your goals. 


We then create the strategy from all aspects of digital marketing such as keyword research, web content with emphasis on user experience & perfect market placement, an informative animated video to explain your services,  followed by the contents from awareness and consideration stages.


In other words, we start your story and complete your story with perfection.

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