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Scaling B2B SaaS & Tech Companies with Authentic Content

As a quality-driven content marketing agency for SaaS & tech companies, we understand the critical role of telling authentic stories to enable growth and success.


Writing Simon has a solid understanding of SEO keyword analysis and content writing skills for a North American B2B audience. They worked with us to build high-quality articles for our various SaaS products within the Shopify space, which has resulted in tremendous results.  We’re grateful for their assistance and believe they can be an asset to other e-commerce focused organizations, as they have been for ours.


Codi Hall, 

Director of Product Strategy, Dayspring Technologies.

Let's Accelerate Your Growth with End-to-End Content & SEO Services

Branding & Web Design

How effectively you tell your story is directly proportional to how your clients & consumers consider your brand. Your communication should be fluid & strike a chord with your audience, while maintaining perfect user experience. 

SEO & Content Strategy

It is the foundation stone of a successful content marketing campaign. Your brand will start ranking higher on SERPs when a practical content strategy rich with buyer persona research and authentic storytelling for each stage of the funnel is executed. 

Blogs & Topic Clusters

The most critical elements of content marketing and the web! If content strategy is the foundation stone, then blogs & topic clusters are the foundation pillars that hold your online presence consistently, to help you achieve your business goals.

eBooks & Whitepapers

When it comes to lead magnets, eBooks & Whitepapers are the most winning. They can be used for the consideration stage or for the decision stage, depending on the strategy you create. This will result in higher conversions.

White-hat Link

To rank content on SERPs, you need links. Period. And White-hat Link Building is the only way that Google or Bing will respect your content. White-hat SEO takes patience and time but reaps fantastic results. We ensure that we build appropriate links to the content we create, including PR, to improve your rankings and traffic.

Social Media Content

Engaging social media content builds awareness exponentially. Be it a carousel, image, or a short video clip, an effective piece of social content can rack up engagement and traffic immensely. Our only goal is to create shareable content that will attracts your prospects.


This is The Right Time to Invest in Content Marketing!

& We Can Bridge The Gap

At Writing Simon, We Care About You and Your Vision.

When you are choosing to work with somebody, the most important aspect to consider is trust. Can I really trust this  company?


This question becomes even more vital when the budget at hand is limited and it’s a do or die situation.

We clearly understand these problems, and we can proudly say you trust us because we exist for only one reason - To help startups with world-class quality content and see them grow. Of course, we also consider trust to be the most important metric.


That’s why our working ecosystem, our business model, and our teams are configured to perfectly suit startups and their needs.

More than anything, we love startups and we love content marketing. And there is no other authentic content marketing agency out there that works only with startups and SaaS businesses.

Content Without Authenticity is like a Ferrari Without an Engine

It Won't Work

So, we only create content that wins. In other words, content that gets links and leads. To achieve such content, we do extensive research in to every aspect of your business and industry. We then proceed to create the best content possible that will serve the goals set.

In the Content Game, Quality & Authenticity Always Win!

Quantity is Important Too!

Because your buyer persona interacts with your brand at every touch point.

To address your buyer persona at the different stages of the funnel, you need to have a wide variety of content pieces. You have to consider the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage. That’s why quantity and quality should go hand in hand.

If either one of them is missing, it can affect your results drastically. That’s why we created content packages based on each stage of the funnel to make it simple, easy, and perfect.

What Our Clients Are Saying... 

We narrowed down to Writing Simon for our content marketing needs after discussing with 5 potential content agencies. We loved their proposal which was cost effective and they showed great enthusiasm to work with our startup, which has a very promising solution. They worked perfectly with our internal team and delivered exceptional content that helped us build our brand, drive traffic and get better results.

Samit Singhai,

Co-founder, TruScholar


I have personally worked with Writing Simon and can vouch for them. Their proficiency in research, great storytelling abilities coupled with a good understanding of how the internet algorithm perceives the digital content is what sets them apart from the competition.

Hanamantray Pasodi,

PPC Specialist, Replicon.

Writing Simon provided original and error-free content, meeting our expectations. Creative and supportive, the team went the extra mile to propose new ideas for the campaigns. Their quick turnaround time and dedication to the project's success ensured a successful collaboration.

Jonas Akula,

Content Marketing Manager, Swaarm

Their content led us to gain popularity in our launch event. They were efficient and friendly. Kept their promise of submitting high-quality content within a limited time frame.

Sohini Sarkar,

Team Director, Borders Outsourcing.

Let Us Be Your Trusted Partner-in-Growth

We'll help create a lasting brand value without breaking your budget

That's our promise.

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