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A Message 
To The SaaS Founder

Dear Founder,

I’m glad you’re here, checking us out. 

I could have turned this page into another sales copy, just another About Us page talking about numbers, stats, services, and more. 

But I didn’t want to.

This is the only place, where we could be ourselves, our true authentic self. 

And speak to you in real words - from our heart, if you would.

I understand your pain. 

As a SaaS founder or leader, you probably spend countless hours to make your vision come true. I can comprehend the long nights you spend to make those revenue numbers tick or keep your team stable or add those coveted new product features. 

Every customer problem that needs a solution, every bug that needs to be fixed, every business metric that needs an answer, every drop of blood, sweat and tear you spend to get more leads and conversions - the number of challenges you have to face everyday goes on & on & on. 

All those times you wish you spent time with your family, spouse, children, friends, loved ones, instead of work - I’ve been there to. 

But the balance you try to maintain between the heartbeat of your dream and the never-ending perils of life & business is truly a daily act of Valor. 

So, my fellow brother/sister, believe me when I say - I genuinely want to ease your burden. 

And that’s why, I am here to help. 

We know how to help you grow organically,

We’ve done it - my team & I - for quite a few B2B SaaS companies. 

With Authentic Content, Strategy, SEO, and Links. ​

The dancing rope of SEO algorithms & its various nuances may sway day and night, but what never changes is how human minds work.

As humans, we connect with messages that can truly relate to our problems and resolve them.

We want to trust those who value our time and don’t waste it.

And we value those who provide us wisdom in return. 

That’s what we’re good at - helping SaaS companies like yours deliver the real value of your brand.

Come, talk to me, and understand how we can.

In today’s world, where AI has creeped into every aspect of our lives, I want to reassure that authenticity is the only way to make a real connection with your customer - your ICP - and stay ahead in the game. 

We can provide that difference in action. 

We can give you those long desired results.


So, let’s explore & expand together. 


​​Eagerly waiting to have a conversation with you.

With Respect,

                       Simon Kalapatapu,

                       Founder & CEO - Writing Simon.


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