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Optimizing Contents for #1 Ranking.

We attribute every ICP need to keywords with good search volume, and optimize every content to reach the top of SERPs.

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This is How We Approach

Search Engine Optimization.

Align ICP needs to keywords

  • After we research the pain points and needs of ICP for a topic, we research and find keywords related to that topic, and create a strategy with perfect sync between the both. 

Create strategic content briefs 

  • We create content briefs focusing on both subject matter of the topic as well as the relevant keywords for each subheading and FAQs

Write authentic product-led content focused on ICP and Search Ranking

  • There are thought leadership articles and there are SEO articles. But we mix both for the best results.

Optimize the content for search ranking

  • We use SEO tools to ensure the content written gets the best optimization scores, enabling best ranking once the contents go live.

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Authentic Product-led Content, ICP-led Strategy.

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Rank High on SERPs.

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