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The Right Training Can “Unleash” Amazing Marketing Potential in Your SaaS Firm.

We’re here to help founders and marketers with personalized one-to-one training to grow their SaaS business organically.  

Let's Start with "Who" & "Why"


Who is this training for?

​​If you're a SaaS founder or founding member, and...

  1.  You want to use organic channels for long-term lead acquisitions.

    Organic channels such as Content Marketing and SEO generate revenue continuously. One fantastic piece of content, optimized for search, can give you desired results for years to come. If you want to learn how to use these methods practically, in real-time, then this training is for you.  

  2. You're tired of spending on ads generating low quality leads/users. 

    The leads you get from ads are generally not nurtured and don't know much about your brand. Whereas leads coming from great content have realized your brand's true value. Also, ads - Google, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn - get expensive overtime. CPC increases with every click. Each lead generated is costlier than the one before. And this cycle doesn't stop, unless you act on it. If you're looking to break this month-on-month monotony and invest in long term organic strategies, then this training is for you. 

  3. You want to reduce CAC & Churn Rate and steadily increase bottom-line. 

    CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and Churn Rate are key metrics for any SaaS firm, big or small. If you're constantly looking for ways to reduce CAC & churn and improve your bottom line, then this training can certainly assist you.  

  4. You want to learn Authentic Product-led Content creation to leave a permanent marker in your ICP's mind. 

    Everybody's generating AI content and everybody sounds the same. Not only will this affect your search ranking but you will have adverse effect on your ICP's attention or time. They'll bounce in milliseconds. If you're tired of AI gibberish and want to learn to create original product-led content, then this training is for you.   

  5. You want to scale your organic marketing function but you have limited resources.  

    Organic marketing is a bit expensive in the beginning but gets cheaper overtime. However, some SaaS founders may not have the budget to hire an internal team or hire an expensive agency. If you're a founder that wants to do it yourself, then this training will enable a quick start and awesome results over time. 


Why Choose Writing Simon as Your Training Partner?

​​Here are a few factors to consider...

  1. You can leverage our experience in SEO, Content, Branding, Design, Social, Link Building & more.  

    We have a decade of combined experience in digital marketing and specifically in B2B industry. We've also worked with over 20+ B2B SaaS firms and generated over 250,000+ in cumulative traffic. We have consulted, provided services, and generated growth across various industries. So we can train you with the right methods and techniques to "unleash" organic growth. 

  2. Your growth comes first to us. 

    We prioritize your growth. Honestly, if we can help you grow, it makes a good case study for us and helps us grow 🙂. The training we provide is specifically catered to your needs. 

    More importantly, we don't just train and let you go. We keep regular tabs and conduct quick ad hoc sessions when you're in need of additional tips & tricks. 

  3. We are very patient trainers.  

    The best trainers are those who are patient, pay attention to their client's needs, analyze their pros & cons, and formulate the right methods to help them grow.

    We are those trainers and we ensure you get the best value from us. 

  4. We've helped setup marketing teams with some of our clients. 

    As a B2B marketing agency, we've worked with clients of all sizes. Solo-founders, big teams, small teams, etc. And during this period of time, we've helped many founders set up their teams, processes, and shared our working strategies to enable their growth. The teams we've helped setup are still growing and we can do the same for you. 

We do dedicated one-to-one training after exploring every nook and cranny of your business.


What Will You Learn From This One-to-one Training?

  1. Insights into working methodologies. 

    You will gain instant insights and knowledge into actual working methodologies from experts. It saves a lot of time in “figuring it out yourself.” You can save money from being spent on freelancers who never take ownership.  And you'll learn to be in complete control of your marketing campaigns.

  2. The topic & keyword game.  

    Organic search and content marketing highly revolves around keywords, keyword volumes, topics, topical authority, funnel-based topic selection, and more. It can be quite confusing sometimes.

    We'll help you understand how to analyze various keywords, how to formulate a strategy, how to leverage social media to find the right keywords and more. 

  3. Competitive and content gap analysis.

    We'll take you through competitive analysis for various SEO parameters and how to do a content gap analysis to find missing information that you can take advantage of. 

  4. Ways to analyze technical SEO aspects of your website.

    Technical SEO aspects are critical when it comes to ranking factors. Simple things such as multiple H1s or no proper semantic structure can affect your page ranking.

    We will look into various technical details of your website and educate you on how to make it successful.  


  5. Organic strategy formulation.

    There are lot of different factors involved when creating organic strategy. It primarily includes a lot of research related to search engines, socials, competitors, and more.

    Getting the strategy right and making it an iterative process will define the success of your organic campaigns. We'll teach you how to formulate a strategy and provide the relevant frameworks for it. 


  6. Authentic Product-led Content Creation Framework.

    Our specialty is authentic product-led content creation. We'll showcase how this can be achieved, including the way to create a style guide and how the execute the APC framework.

  7. Usage of various SEO & Content tools.

    There are various tools involved when it comes organic marketing. Ahrefs, Semrush, Screaming Frog, Surfer, SEO Monitor, and so many more. We'll show you how to use these tools effectively and ways to navigate through technicalities to find actionable information.

  8. How to hire the right people for your team.

    Hiring the right people for your organic campaigns is absolutely critical. Based on your budget, we can help you understand the team you need to execute your immediate requirements. 

  9. How to track your progress.

    Lastly, but most importantly, we'll show you how to setup your analytics to track traffic and conversions from all your organic campaigns.


How We Deliver This Training?

​We divide our training into three parts.

  1. Pre-training 

    → We start by analyzing your business and website. 
    → We’ll send you a list of questionnaires to understand your marketing goals, which helps us cater the training based on your needs.


  2. Live Training

    → 2 hours of live training based on your needs and current state of your site. 
    → We cover everything, from basics to advanced about organic marketing.
    → We'll give you training material and all the findings of your business.


  3. Post-training

    → Answering any questions you may have up to a month through email.
    → Additional 15-20 minutes of live training for any further clarification.

How Can You Get Started?

If you're interested → Click Here.

And set up an introductory call.

Let Us Be Your Trusted 

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