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Creating Authentic
Product-led Content,
for Authentic Conversions. 

We provide your ICPs with the best solutions to their problems to enable conversions & generate revenue. 

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This is How We Create Authentic Product-led Content

Step  1

Research & Formulate Robust Content Strategy for the Planned Topic/Keyword

  1.  Start with independent research of subject matter. 

    We research every aspect about the topic within the industry and how it’s important to your ICP, including the possible expectations from the contents they consume. 

  2. Internal discussions with your team to understand real-time queries. 

    Be it a high-level ToFu topic or a more precise BoFu query, we discuss with your internal team - including the c-suite when necessary - to understand real-time usage and application of the topic. 

  3. Establish Product-Topic relationship. 

    We need to showcase your product as an ideal choice for the use case by highlighting it in the right place and the right time. We work with your team to understand this product-topic relationship. 

  4. Research keywords and search queries.

    Parallelly, we also deep dive into various keywords - short-tail, semantic, “people also ask” queries and more. We research social channels as well to gain social awareness related to the topic. 

  5. Work on competitive & content gap analysis. 

    We check all the competitors, gauge their keywords, and understand pros & cons. We check their narrative angles for addressing pain points and where they’ve gone wrong.   

  6. Combine all research to formulate the content strategy. 

    We gather all the information we found in our exploration and put together a wholesome content strategy around the target keyword/topic, with primary focus on ICP needs and secondary focus on keyword volumes. 

  7. Seek your approval before starting content creation. 

    As a final step, we share the strategy with you along with the data used. Once we reach a conclusion on the approach, we proceed further to content creation.

Step  2

Write Authentic Product-led Content to Converse with Your ICP

  1. Stick to the strategy. 

    A lot of times, writers can lose their way as they start writing content. We ensure our writers don’t go exploring unnecessarily, and stick to the ICP-led strategy provided to them. 

  2. Create authentic content to highlight brand value.

    Whatever you’re planning to do, your competitor has already done that or at least contemplating of doing that, from both product and content stand points. The only way you can claim the difference is by creating your own voice. 

    That voice is creating content in your own style. And AI is not going do it for you. In fact, AI will only make you sound like everybody else and generate red flags when search engines crawl your content, leading to bad results.  

    That’s why we help in creating original content without the use of AI, so both your ICP and the search engine algorithms are satisfied. If you don't have a style guide, we’ll help you create a new style guide at the very beginning of our collaboration during the long-term strategy phase and then adhere to it. 

  3. Create product gifs and images. 

    Based on our conversations and strategy, we create product gifs & images to explain how pain points related to the topic can be solved. 

    We also try to use the product to explain various nuances and queries related to the topic, thereby showcasing that your brand has all the answers to the problems. 

  4. Achieve optimum flow for the entire article. 

    The flow of an article determines if the ICP will continue reading the content. We ensure the entire article has a proper flow from the beginning to the end by considering various factors. 

Step  3

Dual-level Editing - to Serve ICPs and Satisfy Search Engines

  1. Human-level Edits 

    Our first level of edit includes checking the content's adherence to the strategy and if it solves the ICP's problems. Once we’re satisfied, we move on to search-level edits.

  2. Search-level Edits 

    For search-level edits, we use search optimization tools to ensure we get at least 60-70+ scores against 100 to ensure they start ranking as soon as they go live. 

  3. Seek your approval of the complete first draft 

    We approach first draft like its the final draft for retaining perfection from the start. We then do any further edits you may want to complete the article and go live.

Step  4

Go Live & Track Monthly Progress

The final step in the process is to make the contents live and then track the progress each month for performance.  

Let Us Help Your Create
Authentic Product-led Content.

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