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Report Pundit Case Study.

How We Setup Report Pundit's Strategy, Internal Team & 16x'd Traffic in 11 Months.

Project Timeline: June 2022 to April 2023



Domain Rating




Total Keywords Ranking in # 1  SERPs




Organic Traffic




Our work continues to give them more traffic & conversions: 

*Source: Ahrefs

When we approached Simon and his team, our search presence was almost 0. Yet today we get significant traffic from search.


They really owned this project from the get go, built our SEO channel from ground up, with solid understanding of our audience who're primarily into Shopify space. 

They worked with us on multiple products, and they were just a text away to get on a call. 

We’re really grateful for their assistance and believe they can be an asset to any B2B organization, as they have been for ours.

Codi Hall, 

Director of Product Strategy,

Dayspring Technologies - Parent Company of Report Pundit.

About Report Pundit

About Repot Pundit

Report Pundit, a product of Dayspring Technologies, is a popular and established reporting application within the Shopify space along with its sister application Data Export. The parent company, Dayspring, is a software firm with extensive expertise in building analytics tools for ecommerce businesses.

Most of their success in the industry is associated with their stellar customer support. Their CS team is relentless in getting the customer problems fixed and gaining 5-star reviews. It’s because of their effort that both of the apps have over 2000+ positive reviews.

Jobs To Be Done: What Report Pundit was in need of?

Jobs To Be Done Report Pundit

Invest in Marketing to Get Past Saturation

Dayspring’s main aim was to make Report Pundit its flagship application. But they’ve reached a saturation point with CS activities and unable to innovate new ways to boost sales. That’s why they decided to invest in marketing.

However, Dayspring has never put in a lot of effort into marketing and neither do they have a solid marketing team internally. Before initiating any paid campaigns, they wanted to start with organic channels such as SEO and content marketing.

A Reliable Agency Partner To Initiate The Journey & Help Setup Internal Team

They needed a partner who can hand-hold them through this new journey and also help train & setup an internal team. They had various experienced customer support individuals who were willing to make the transition into marketing.

Strategic Approach to SEO & Content Marketing

When it comes to organic channels, they needed to create extensive keyword analysis and ICP-specific content strategy, based on the various customer support queries that they were receiving.

Improve Their Product Documentation for Faster Support

Dayspring needed to revamp a significant portion of product documentation for improving resolution rate of customer queries. They needed to be able to share relevant docs to customers who are facing issues with the product.

Why They Chose Writing Simon

Why They Chose Writing Simon

Expertise in B2B SaaS Marketing

Our expertise in helping SaaS firms start their journey into B2B marketing was the primary deciding factor for Dayspring. Our founder had helped setup and improve organic marketing channels for multiple SaaS and tech companies.

Robust Working Relationship with Internal Teams

Over the years, we’ve learned the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. Based on this experience, we demonstrated our ability to work fluidly with internal teams and get the necessary assistance to complete work on time & achieve desired results.  

Experience in Training Teams

The founding team at Writing Simon has a combined expertise of 8+ years in training teams and freshers into new corporate roles. We explained the road map to set up & train an internal team  and the time it would take for them to take over key marketing functions such as SEO keyword analysis, content structure creation, and other relevant functions.

Ability to Go Beyond Call of Duty to Deliver Quality Content

We go to great lengths to ensure quality of the contents we create. It could be creating amazing infographics to improve user experience or spending extra time with internal & external subject matter experts to find precise information to share, whatever be the need of the hour, we go that extra mile to create the contents. That was a key deciding factor in beginning our partnership with Dayspring.

What We Did To Make a Difference



  • Explored the Industry & Product

    Considering our new entry into the ecommerce space, especially D2C, we had to put in a significant amount of time to get a grip of the industry. We also had to explore the product along with the customer support team to understand key pain points and use cases. 


  • Performed an In-depth Keyword & Competitor Analysis 

    Based on the information gathered from our discussions with the internal teams, we started doing keyword analysis around relevant customer queries and mapped them to the funnel stage. We also performed an extensive competitor research to check their marketing and SEO strategies.

  • Created ICP Buyer Personas

    We created buyer personas with precise characteristics so we can write contents to address their pain points.

  • Created a long-term Content Strategy 

    We then created a 6-month content strategy based on all the research we had done.

  • Created a Strategy for Link Building and Off-page SEO

    To build authority around the report pundit domain, we created a strategy for the team to execute. 


  • Helped Setup WordPress Blog and Relevant Web Pages

    Prior to our engagement, Report Pundit did not have a blog page and neither did have a good documentation repository. We helped create necessary webpages with UI design and made it live on their site. 

  • Created 12,000+ word Pillar Article Around Shopify Reports 

    Report Pundit’s seed keywords were Shopify Reports and Custom Reports, so we created an extensive 12,000+ word pillar article around Shopify Reports that drives the most traffic to their website. 

  • Created Long-form Cluster Articles 

    We also created long-form cluster articles to support the pillar article which continue to rank in top 10 SERPs on multiple keywords. 

  • Assisted in Revamping Product Video

    As part of our engagement, we felt it was quintessential to revamp the product explainer video. So we helped make the Report Pundit explainer video very interesting and intriguing. 

  • Internal linking & off-page link acquisition

    We made use of Report Pundit's various links coming from external resources, including Shopify's app store and main website, to boost domain authority. Our extensive article written and the various do follow links we built to the root domain, helped 6x the domain authority in just 9 months.

  • Helped in creating Product Documentation

    We helped revamp the content of help docs section of Report Pundit, along with some assistance in the designs of the page. 


  • Extensive coaching to new marketing recruits

    Dayspring had a lot of interns and new recruits in the marketing function who needed to be trained on various working processes of SEO, content, and social media. We trained & mentored over 6+ interns on multiple aspects of organic marketing and helped them execute their jobs successfully.  

Created GTM Strategy, Web Design, Strategy, Content and WordPress Setup for New Analytics Product

GTM Strategy & Setup for New Product
  • We helped setup various digital marketing assets as well as strategy for Dayspring's new product Bloom Analytics.

    Read the case study here → Bloom Analytics Case Study.  

Some of Our Work for Report Pundit: Exhaustive 12,000+ word Pillar Article. 

Exhaustive Pillar Article

ICP-focused Guides, Articles and Explainer Video

ICP-focused Guides

Links Built through Brand Mentions on Relevant Sites

Links Built Through Brand Mentions

Let Us Be Your Trusted 

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