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Bloom Analytics Case Study.

How We Helped Bloom with New Product Launch & Organic Marketing in 7 months.

Project Timeline: February 2022 to August 2022



Smooth Transition to the Market


Bloom Analytics successfully launched in the market with a well-defined brand identity and messaging that resonated with their target audience.

Engagement Among Existing Customers


Bloom, a product of Dayspring technologies who also own Report Pundit and Data Export, witnessed a significant increase brand recognition and engagement among existing customers, indicating positive reception of the product.

Early Bird Signups


The strategic execution of Writing Simon's plan resulted in early bird signups, demonstrating keen interest among the target ICPs.

About Bloom Analytics

About bloom analytics

Bloom Analytics is a new ecommerce analytics SaaS platform offered by Dayspring tech to merchants who needed advanced insights into their business.

Unlike their other flagship products such as Report Pundit and Data Export where detailed reports were generated, Dayspring created Bloom Analytics to provide insights into metrics such as LTV, Cogs, Roas, Net profit and more. 

Jobs To Be Done: What Bloom Needed?

jobs to be done bloom

Setup the Brand from Ground Up as a Premium Yet Simple Product

Bloom is an advanced product for ecommerce merchants and Dayspring wanted to position Bloom Analytics as a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution in the ecommerce analytics market. This required a strategic approach to branding and messaging that would resonate with their target audience.

A Reliable Agency Partner To Initiate The Journey & Help Setup Internal Team

They needed a partner who can hand-hold them through this new journey. They had various experienced customer support individuals who were willing to make the transition into marketing.

Create ICP-focused High Quality Content

One of the GTM strategies Dayspring had in mind was to create really high quality content which helped users easily understand metrics such as LTV and COGS.


Establishing the brand as an authority in the ecommerce analytics space by breaking down complex subjects into simple content  was the need of the hour. 

Train the Internal Teams to Manage Organic Campaigns

Dayspring also needed assistance in training some of their internal SMEs to transition from customer success to marketing for future campaigns related to Bloom.

Why They Chose Writing Simon

why they chose writing simon

Expertise in various SaaS domains

Writing Simon has a deep understanding of the SaaS industry across various verticals, which was essential for effectively positioning Bloom Analytics within the market.

High Quality Content Generation

We have a track record of producing high-quality, engaging content which aligned with Bloom's goal of creating compelling ICP-focused content.


We showcased adaptability in understanding Bloom's unique requirements and get up to speed with the entire subject matter in very little time. We did so while working on their other product, Report Pundit.

What We Did To Make a Difference

what we did


  • Understanding the Product & Industry for Solid Foundation 

    Writing Simon’s team conducted in-depth research to gain a thorough understanding of Bloom Analytics' product offerings and the ecommerce analytics industry. This foundational knowledge informed our strategic approach moving forward.


  • Perform In-depth Competitive Analysis 

    We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Bloom's competitors to identify market trends, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing us to position Bloom Analytics effectively within the competitive landscape.

  • ICP Buyer Persona Formulation 

    We developed detailed buyer personas, ensuring that all content and marketing efforts were tailored to resonate with Bloom's ideal customers.

  • GTM Strategy 

    We devised a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that outlined the positioning, messaging, and distribution channels for Bloom Analytics, ensuring a targeted approach to reaching their audience.

  • Long-term Content Strategy

    Writing Simon developed a long-term content strategy that aligned with Bloom's goals and target audience, outlining topics, formats, and distribution channels for ongoing content creation and distribution.


  • Logo Creation

    After the strategy was done, we started by creating the Logo for bloom. We helped design a professional and visually appealing logo that reflected Bloom Analytics' brand identity and values. 

  • Web Design & Copywriting

    We created appealing designs inline with the strategy created and then made them live in Wordpress. We crafted compelling copy for all website pages, ensuring that the messaging resonated with the target audience and effectively communicated the value proposition of Bloom Analytics.

  • Wordpress Setup

    We setup all the design and copies created on wordpress by adding custom code wherever required.  

  • Extensive High Quality Topic Clusters 

    We developed three topic clusters for organic reach, focusing on relevant keywords and topics that would attract Bloom's target audience and drive traffic to the website once it went live. 

  • Authentic Illustrations for Each Content Piece

    We also designed various illustrations to improve the user experience for each article written. 


  • Extensive coaching to new marketing recruits

    Dayspring had a lot of interns and new recruits in the marketing function who needed to be trained on various working processes of SEO, content, and social media. We trained & mentored over 6+ interns on multiple aspects of organic marketing and helped them execute their jobs successfully.  

Some of Our Work for Bloom Analytics: Complete Web Design & Setup. 

some of our work

ICP-focused High Quality Pillar & Clusters Articles

Let Us Be Your Trusted 

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