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Saasant Case Study.

How We Increased Saasant's Organic Traffic from 3,000+ to 50,000+ in 18 Months.

Project Timeline: October 2022 to Ongoing...



Our work continues to give them results: 

*Source: Ahrefs

We are very happy with our collaboration with Writing Simon. They brought in extensive SEO knowledge, really high quality content skills, which resulted in tremendous growth. They were also available at any time to work with our internal team and improve our SEO campaigns.

Aravinth Chandrasekaran, 

Co-founder & CEO,

Saasant Inc.

About Saasant

About Saasant

Saasant is an accounting automation platform with a powerful suite of tools for QuickBooks and Xero users. Their products help small business owners, bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, and ecommerce merchants in automating various accounting tasks.

Their flagship products, Saasant Transactions and PayTraQer, are reputed apps within the industry for their brilliant accounting features.

Jobs To Be Done: What Saasant was in need of?

Jobs To Be Done Saasant

Scale SEO & Content Marketing for Customer Acquisition

Despite tremendous growth from the QuickBooks app store, Saasant needed to scale their organic marketing faster to acquire ICPs over longer tenure. Ideally, they wanted to double down on SEO and content marketing to reach this goal. 

Though they were getting some traffic to their website, the conversions were low due to poor quality of content. So they needed a robust strategy to grow traffic and conversions without compromising quality.

Strategic Partnership for ICP-focused Content & Improved SERP Results

Saasant needed an agency partner that can provide high-quality content focusing on their ICP’s needs, and rank these contents into top 5 SERPs for target keywords. 

They were also looking for a partner who can strategize with them and create a long-term content plan and work alongside their internal team.

Link Building to Boost DA and Rankings using White-hat Methods

In the past, they were involved in expensive PR campaigns and paid link acquisition. Saasant needed a partner who can grow their link building through organic means and through google-approved techniques.

Why They Chose Writing Simon

Why They Chose Writing Simon

Our Strategic Approach to Research & Content Quality

Saasant were impressed with the quality and depth we put into each of the content pieces we created for our clients.


Our process stemmed from extensive research of the industry, ICP, product, and subject matter, and attributing those findings to competitive & keyword analysis, and the product, for robust strategy and content creation.

Going Extra Miles to Improve a Content’s Relevancy

We do not just create content but we also enhance it by creating necessary appendages. For example, we’d create product Gifs, videos or sometimes extensive illustrations to be part of the content.

We also created templates in support of an article, which is inline with the search intent and related SEO keywords.

Guest-post-first Approach to Link Building

Building links is critical to improve search ranking as well as domain authority. So we do our best to write as many guest posts as possible to improve these metrics. We take a 70-30 approach to guest posts & link placements.

Streamlined Onboarding, Project Management & Communication

We ensure that we onboard our clients properly and set up the project from scratch for smooth workflow throughout the timeline. We also ensure robust communication channels are set up, with the availability to call us in critical situations.

Fluid Workflow with Internal Teams & Training Them if Needed

Internal teams and agency partners my have different points of view when executing organic marketing campaigns. We ensure that we’re all on the same page before initiating each campaign and also during the campaign. We also take pride in training many of our clients’ teams, whenever required.

What We Did: Our Approach to the Project


  • Did Extensive Research of the Industry, Product, and Use Cases 

    We discussed with their internal teams and did independent research to understand the industry, how the products made a difference, and the various use cases of the product.


  • Going Extra Mile To Gain Practical Knowledge of ICP - By Learning Bookkeeping & Accounting 

    We took a course in bookkeeping to understand the various intricacies involved and how bookkeepers (the client’s most profitable ICP) use their tool on a day-to-day basis, to gain  practical experience.

  • Obtained Hands-on Experience of QuickBooks Software

    Along with their SMEs we understood the product so we could help create product-specific content.

  • Created ICP Buyer Personas and Mapped Their Journey to Marketing Funnel 

    We had to create buyer personas with precise characteristics so we can write contents to address their pain points.

  • Performed an In-depth Competitive Analysis

    Saasant’s competitors were doing a great job when it came to SEO and content marketing. So we had to analyze them to create better strategies.

  • Created a Robust 24-month Content Strategy Based on Research and an Aggressive Content Calendar

    Based on all the analysis done, we created a long-term strategy for 24-months that will certainly improve the traffic to the site. 

  • Created a Link Building Strategy

    We created a list of over 1000 - 2000 websites for outreach to acquire links to written content for improved search rankings and EAT scores.

  • Created Style Guides for Writing & Design

    It was critical that SaasAnt maintained its brand value despite the need to scale faster. So we created style guides inline with Saasant’s brand guidelines.



Created over 120+ articles with Product Gifs, Videos & Illustrations

Based on the aggressive strategy, we created a large number of articles in 12 months along with support elements such as product/concept videos, gifs, templates, and more. 

Each article had:


  • Keyword analysis 

  • Extensive content briefing & outline 

  • Strategically decided word limit averaging at 3,000 words per article 

  • ICP and Product-led content creation 

  • Precise internal linking for topic cluster formulation

35+ Links Built from Authoritative Websites through Guest Posts & Link Placements

We acquired links from relevant high DR websites through guest posts and link placements. We reached out to hundreds of relevant websites within Saasant's industry to find relevant opportunities.

Some of Our Work for Saasant: Product & ICP-led Long Form Articles 

Long Form Articles

2d Animation & AI Avatar Videos 


Links Built through Guest Posts from Relevant High DR Sites

Guest posts

Let Us Be Your Trusted 

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