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Truscholar Case Study.

How We Assisted Truscholar with ICP-focused Messaging, Thought Leadership & Social Campaigns in 9 months.

Project Timeline: October 2020 to July 2021



Improved Brand Recognition


Truscholar got a lot of recognition in the education space after going live with the new brand message and thought leadership content. It paved way to meet with multiple investors.

Early Signups


They could onboard many institutes after initial launch.

About Truscholar

about truscholar

Truscholar is a digital credentials platform for educational institutions and edtech companies. They were one of first companies to bring in private blockchains into the education sector for secure digital records.

Jobs To Be Done: What Truscholar Needed?

jobs to be done truscholar

Robust Market Placement and Messaging

They were one of the first players in the market so they needed to place themselves as a leader in the market with advanced technology to solve basic credential problems.

Marketing Collaterals to Support the Messaging

They needed thought leadership articles, videos, and illustrations that could explain the problem statement they’re solving easily.

High Quality Content Marketing

They were a bootstrapped startup who were yet to write a single mail to investors.

Why They Chose Writing Simon

why writing simon

We Showed Great Enthusiasm to Work With Them

Unlike many agencies they spoke to, we showed a genuine enthusiasm for their product and it's various capabilities. We were excited to work on the project and make it successful.

High Quality & Affordable Pricing

Our work was of high quality and our pricing was also very affordable for Truscholar. This was, infact, the main decision making pointer that helped us onboard Truscholar. 

We Were Young Agency But With a Lot of Capability

Though Writing Simon started just a few months ago at that point, we had an enormous capability of learning and adapting fast. That gave Truscholar founding team enough trust to get started with us.

What We Did To Make a Difference

what we did


  • Created Web Copies for Each Page

    From landing pages to informative product descriptions, our team crafted persuasive web copies that engaged Truscholar’s ICP by showcasing the need for a product and a solution that they were offering, resulting in brand awareness.

  • Created 20+ Thought Leadership Articles 

    Establishing thought leadership was essential for Truscholar’s positioning as an industry authority and to drive meaningful conversations within their niche. Our team of skilled writers developed thought-provoking articles that showcased expertise in the subject matter and gave a boost to the brand's reputation.

  • Provided 5+ Explainer Videos & Ebooks

    Explainer videos showcasing the many capabilities of the product was necessary. We specialized in blending whiteboard and 2d animation. We used this ability to create engaging and informative explainer videos.

    We also created e-books tackling specific challenges & pain points within the Indian education space.


  • Created Social Campaigns on LinkedIn and Instagram

    We designed unique social media creatives and videos to capture the attention of Truscholar’s ICPs which resulted in driving traffic and generating leads.

  • Created Sales Enablement Material

    We provided end-to-end support in creating pitch decks and case studies that armed their sales team with the tools and resources they need to succeed.


  • Trained Internal Members in Creating Meaningful Content

    We helped Truscholar's team of interns by teaching them to create relevant content for social platforms as well as their blog. 

Some of Our Work for Truscholar: Copywriting . 

work samples

Pain Point Focused Thought Leadership Articles. 

Explainer Videos

Let Us Be Your Trusted 

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